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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Its been awhile..

OK its been a while since I "blogged" but I have to admit that I was missing it! So today I put up a profile picture and finally figured out how to post a picture to the blog. It seemed easy enough but I guess you can only post actual pictures...I was trying to get some pictures from webshots (not too successful).
So I have been working my butt off at not working at an actual place but trying to get a job! I have been reviewing, applying, and uploading my resume to so many places that I think I have applied twice to some of them. I believe in my heart that I will get that phone call from a person who works for the company I applied at, as opposed to a recruiter, telling me today is my day to schedule some time for an actual interview! Still waiting for the call, I hope I put in the correct phone number!!! I did think about creating a business at one point but that bubble was popped due to low monetary funds Then I thought of something else that I just might propose to a company one day...I will eliminate the middleman, basically. But I am still thinking about how to propose such a crazy idea to a company and make it sound convincing.
So this post will be a short but sweet one as I have chores to accomplish, a child to pick up at daycare, dinner to cook, and wine to consume! Until next time, peace out!!