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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Be Thankful (card)

I am very thankful for the items that we have in our life, like a roof over our heads! I have been reading lately that people seem to be more thankful for items that they take for granted than for life itself. Meaning, I read one day that a person was complaining about their health insurance carrier. When we have not had that in 2 years! Be thankful that you have somethings in life but don't ever take it for granted, it can go just as quickly as you got it!
Below is a very simple card to convey a simple, yet true meaning!
Thank you for stopping by! Mary

Fall is in the Air!

I love fall for the shear purpose of beautifully colored trees in our neighborhood! I don't like the sharp, cold air at all, nor the rain. As long as I can capture the beauty in the nature around us, then I can survive the fall and winter!
Below is my latest layout, which is all white! It was a challenge that I am participating in and I thought, at first, there is no way I can complete an all white LO! But low and behold, its completed. on 1/2 of the flowers, and in the middle of the snowflakes, I used Stickles diamond. On the right side of the LO, I embossed white leaves going all the way up. And used last years Making Memories shimmery alpha stickers.
Thank you for stopping by! Mary

Close up on the flowers, which 1/2 were painted with Stickles diamond color. It was so fun, and turned out very nice!