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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Tough Week Ahead...

Although this is my 2nd posting, I am now starting to feel at home. Which is a little unusual since I have never been one of those people that kept a journal or liked to write about myself period. Blogging has a relaxing feel to it.

So this week will be a tad stressful for me as I am giving up carbs for lent...starchy carbs to be exact! So for the first 2 weeks I might be a little cranky or a little happy, we will see. This will be the first time in my life that I will not eat potatoes, rice, bread, chips (I love my trader joes BBQ chips :0( , tortillas, and basically anything that has starchy carbs in it! Why did I choose this to give up for 40 days, because I have never done it before and thought this would be a good start to see if I can do it. In the past I have given up caffene, sweets, meats, & dairy. So I thought why not give this a try. Then to top it off I am still in the mist of finding a job.

I am not sure what God has in store for my life or anyones life for that matter, but he never gives us something we can't handle or so much that it becomes overwhelming. I'm reminded of life and death today since a friend told me her grandfather commited suicide. Life takes us through paths that we would never imagine or want. Yet God has a different plan with every ones of us. Its soothing and at the same time it can make you mad.

Monday, February 16, 2009

THIS IS THE DAY...to mark on all calendars because today is my first blog. Yes, its true! I am finally starting to catch up to technology although I have been behind for a while so there is a lot of catching up to do!!

So I'm not sure where to begin or to end, but I do know that at some point this will be interesting, people will be eager to read it, and there will be some format or organization to the madness involved in this blog. I'm just not sure in what order! I will take any suggestions and compile them together, then choose the ones that make sense to me, and use them (possibly). There are no guarantees here.

My life is and has been a bit chaotic, and at some points hectic or even a little unmanageable. But never to a point that I could not handle it or know when to cut the cord. For about 10 years, starting around 20, I have had 2 jobs at any given point in time and at one point 3 jobs, while attending college. It seems a bit rough but when you pay for your own schooling you have to do what makes sense to you, and it made sense to me to have a back-up job - that's what mom called it! It was always a job that I liked shopping at, getting discounts, and just getting the extra pay to cover some expense that I might have forgotten about. Most of the back-up jobs were never like the last one either! These jobs entailed listening to whiny people (mall jobs), smelling perm chemicals (receptionist at a hair salon), 86-ing a person (bartender), and even cleaning an office (own business for about a year). At some point through all this working, I eventually received my BS-General Business. I say at some point because it literally took me 7 years after high school before I finally graduated with the BS. Then took 4 years off before starting my masters, which I was pregnant when I started! And I did finish the masters last year - thank God!! Needless to say my life is continually on the go and never a dull moment!

Now as time goes by I will update with pictures, colors, layout, etc., just to keep the mood going strong, and interesting. Remember I will have a plan to my madness, and it will be interesting! So this is it for now, and until next time Nanoo Nanoo!! :P